12th International Workshop on Language Descriptions, Tools, and Applications

Tallinn, Estonia; March 31 - April 1, 2012; an ETAPS workshop

News and updates

  • Feb. 8, 2012:
    The keynote speaker of LDTA 2012 is Janis Voigtländer (University of Bonn, Germany). The title and abstract of his talk are the following:
    • Title: Programming language approaches to bidirectional transformation
    • Abstract: Bidirectional transformations are pairs of functions going back and forth between two data domains, possibly taking extra information into account to disambiguate in one or both directions, while being governed by certain consistency conditions. Application scenarios are view-update propagation in databases, model-driven engineering, and programming environments like structured editors, among others. Consequently, diverse disciplines contribute to the interest and development in this area. We focus on approaches that, rather than being centered on the data, take the involved transformations seriously as programs to analyze and manipulate. We meet some good old friends like program transformation, domain-specific languages, and expressive types, and hopefully make some new ones like search-based program synthesis and ways to capture user/programmer intent.
  • Jan. 25, 2012:
    The following papers have been accepted for presentation at LDTA 2012.
    • Sebastian Erdweg, Paolo G. Giarrusso and Tillmann Rendel: Language Composition Untangled
    • Johnni Winther: Improving Precision of Generated ASTs
    • Tobi Vollebregt, Lennart C. L. Kats and Eelco Visser: Declarative Specification of Template-Based Textual Editors
    • Marcos Viera, Doaitse Swierstra and Atze Dijkstra: Grammar Fragments Fly First-Class
    • Marcos Viera, Doaitse Swierstra and Arie Middelkoop: UUAG Meets AspectAG: How to make Attribute Grammars First-Class
    • Daniel Lincke and Sibylle Schupp: From HOT to COOL - Transforming Higher-Order Typed Languages to Concept-Constrained Object-Oriented Languages
    • Maartje De Jonge and Eelco Visser: A Language Generic Solution for Name Binding Preservation in Refactorings
    • Vadim Zaytsev: Notation-Parametric Grammar Recovery
    • Jean-Christophe Bach, Pierre-Etienne Moreau, Marc Pantel and Xavier Crégut: Model Transformations with Tom
  • nov. 14, 2011:
    We are pleased to announce that the keynote speaker of LDTA 2012 is Janis Voigtländer (University of Bonn, Germany).
  • oct. 20, 2011:
    program committee now available.
  • Oct. 16, 2011:
    Call for Papers now available.
  • Sep. 14, 2011:
    The deadlines for LDTA 2012 have been settled:
    • Abstract submission: Nov. 28, 2011
    • Full paper submission: Dec. 5, 2011
    • Author notification: Jan. 20, 2012
    • Tool challenge submission: Mar. 04, 2012
    • Camera-ready papers: Feb. 5, 2012
  • Mar. 17, 2011:
    The LDTA 2011 program with times for talks and Tool Challenge presentations is available here.
  • Feb. 2, 2011, 20:45 GMT:
    A mistake in the original templates for the final camera-ready versions of the papers was fixed and the new correct files can be found in the sidebar to the right.
  • Feb. 2, 2011:
    The following papers will be presented at LDTA 2011.
    • Building Semantic Editors using JastAdd - Tool Demonstration, by Emma Söderberg and Görel Hedin.
    • Delayed semantic actions in a dependent parser, by Yitzhak Mandelbaum and Trevor Jim.
    • Exploiting algebra/coalgebra duality for program fusion extensions, by Facundo Dominguez and Alberto Pardo.
    • From Type Checking by Recursive Descent to Type Checking with an Abstract Machine, by Ilya Sergey and Dave Clarke.
    • Higher-order Transformations with Nested Concrete Syntax, by Rob Economopoulos and Bernd Fischer.
    • LDT: a language definition technique, by Adrian Johnstone, Elizabeth Scott, and Mark van den Brand.
    • More Precise Typing of Rewrite Strategies, by Azamat Mametjanov, Victor Winter and Ralf Lammel.
    • Parsing Reflective Grammars, by Paul Stansifer and Mitchell Wand.
    • Stepwise Evaluation of Attribute Grammars, by Arie Middelkoop, Atze Dijkstra and Doaitse Swierstra.
    • VLex: Visualizing a Lexical Analyzer Generator - Tool Demonstration, by Alisdair Jorgensen, Giorgios Economopoulos and Bernd Fischer.
    • Yield grammar analysis in the Bellman's GAP compiler, by Robert Giegerich and Georg Sauthoff.
  • Feb. 2, 2011:
    The templates for the final camera-ready versions of the papers can be found in the sidebar to the right.
  • Nov. 24, 2010:
    The proceedings of LDTA 2010 are now online in the ACM Digital Library. Be sure to get your paper for 2011 submitted as the 2011 proceedings will be published there as well.
  • Oct. 28, 2010:
    Some clarifications were made to the Tool Challenge description
    A Google-group has been created to discussing the Tool Challenge and specific questions about individual problems. It is available here.
  • Oct. 9, 2010:
    Call for Papers and Tool Challenge description now available.